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Race and Ethnicity in the American West

Albert S. Broussard, Maria Raquel Casas, Dudley Gardner, and Margaret Jacobs, series editors

This series rethinks how the ethnic experiences of different groups and subsequent processes of interaction have created the West as a distinct region.  The series bridges the gap between old and new western history, suggesting an alternative that examines the racial and ethnic experience as a primary factor in the establishment of the West as a region, thus nurturing a dynamic, holistic perception of western history.  Books published in the series explore the dynamic interactions between groups over time, with comparative approaches that showcase this interaction as a primary factor in creating the West's unique regional identity.  This is an aggressive new vision for western history that combines process with place.

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Black Gun, Silver Star
Art T. Burton
hardcover (2006)
$24.95 t
paperback (2008)
$19.95 t
Curious Unions
Frank P. Barajas
hardcover (2012)
$50.00 s
Imagining the African American West
Blake Allmendinger
hardcover (2005)
$19.95 x
paperback (2008)
$19.95 s
The Line Which Separates
Sheila McManus
hardcover (2005)
$29.95 s
paperback (2005)
$29.95 s
Race Work
Matthew C. Whitaker
hardcover (2005)
$35.00 t
paperback (2007)
$23.00 s