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Fall/Winter 2016 catalog

Fall/Winter 2016 e-catalog
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Spring/Summer 2016 catalog

Spring/Summer 2016 e-catalog
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Potomac Books


The University of Nebraska Press publishes books in six broad areas:
Native American and Indigenous Studies
Anthropology and Geography
American Studies and Cultural Criticism
Creative Works

The press has several areas of particular strength within and across these core disciplines, including the history and cultures of the North American West and the study of food and environment. Our general-interest publishing program is especially strong in literary nonfiction, sports, and Western Americana.

The press also has a journals program and a number of special imprints, including Bison Books.

The University of Nebraska Press editors are:

Alisa Plant
Alisa is our Editor in Chief and acquires in European History. Her series include:
France Overseas

Bridget Barry
Bridget acquires primarily in Latin American, western, and environmental history, as well as geography and environmental studies. Her series include:
The Mexican Experience
Early American Places
Studies in Pacific Worlds

Matt Bokovoy
Matt acquires primarily in Native American and indigenous studies and borderlands history. His series include:
Borderlands and Transcultural Studies
Indigenous Education
Indigenous Film
The Iroquoians and Their World
Critical Studies in the History of Anthropology
Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians
Studies in the Native Languages of the Americas

Alicia Christensen
Alicia acquires primarily in American studies, Cultural Criticism, and Creative Works including literature in translation. Her series include:
At Table
Expanding Frontiers
Our Sustainable Future

Tom Swanson
Tom acquires Potomac Books.

Rob Taylor
Rob acquires primarily in sports. His series include:
Outdoor Lives
Politics and Government of the American States