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Founded in 1888, The Jewish Publication Society (JPS) is the preeminent publisher of classic and contemporary Jewish texts for worldwide readers of English. The current list includes nearly three hundred scholarly and popular works of history, philosophy, ethics, and theology. JPS is best known for its acclaimed Bible commentaries, and the most widely read English translation of the Hebrew Bible, the JPS TANAKH. The Society’s 120-year mission as an independent, not-for-profit publisher of Jewish books of enduring worth continues in the partnership with the University of Nebraska Press.

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Now Available
 A Bride for One Night A Bride for One Night
Talmud Tales
Ruth Calderon
Translated by Ilana Kurshan

Ruth Calderon has recently electrified the Jewish world with her teachings of talmudic texts. In this volume, her first to appear in English, she offers a fascinating window into some of the liveliest and most colorful stories in the Talmud.

 Grandpa's Third Drawer Grandpa's Third Drawer
Unlocking Holocaust Memories
Written and illustrated by Judy Tal Kopelman

Grandpa’s Third Drawer takes up the difficult challenge of discussing the Holocaust with young children, of teaching its heritage and memory, all in a gentle and unobtrusive manner.

 Hatemail Hatemail
Anti-Semitism on Picture Postcards
Salo Aizenberg
Foreword by Michael Berenbaum

Today e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter are sometimes used to spread hateful messages and slurs masking as humor. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries postcards served this purpose. The images collected in this volume make it painfully clear that anti-Semitic propaganda did not simply begin with the Nazis.

 Outside the Bible, 3-Volume Set Outside the Bible, 3-Volume Set
Ancient Jewish Writings Related to Scripture
Edited by Louis H. Feldman, James L. Kugel, and Lawrence H. Schiffman

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