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Spring/Summer 2016 catalog

Spring/Summer 2016 e-catalog
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Fall/Winter 2015 e-catalog
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Potomac Fall/Winter 2015 e-catalog
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Save 30% off these summer reading books! Enter the code 6SUM5 in the discount code field of your shopping cart and click "update." Offer expires July 17, 2015.


The Ordinary Spaceman In Cold Storage The Wheeling Year The Reluctant Pilgrim
The Ordinary

Clayton C. Anderson
$29.95  $20.96
In Cold Storage
James W. Hewitt
$16.95 $11.86
The Wheeling Year
Ted Kooser
$14.95 $10.46
The Reluctant Pilgrim
Roger Welsch
$19.95 $13.96


The Melon Capital of the World Canoeing the Great Plains Shenandoah The Naked Mountaineer
The Melon Capital
of the World

Blake Allmendinger
$21.95  $15.36
Canoeing the
Great Plains

Patrick Dobson
$24.95  $17.46
Sue Eisenfeld
$19.95 $13.96


The Naked

SSteve Sieberson
$19.95  $13.96


Spring 1865 Prairie Forge This Strange Wilderness Rockets and Revolution
Spring 1865
Perry D. Jamieson
$34.95  $24.46
Prairie Forge
James J. Kimble
$19.95  $13.96



This Strange

Nancy Plain
$19.95  $13.96
Rockets and Revolution
Michael G. Smith
$34.95  $24.46


Mashi Walk of Ages A Game of Their Own The Colonel and Hug
Robert K. Fitts
$28.95  $20.26



Walk of Ages
Jim Reisler
$29.95  $20.96
A Game of Their Own
Jennifer Ring
$29.95  $20.96
The Colonel and Hug
Steve Steinberg
and Lyle Spatz
$34.95  $24.46

Creative Writing

Darkened Rooms of Summer Now We Will Be Happy In Reach
Darkened Rooms
of Summer

Jared Carter
$18.95  $13.26
Now We Will Be Happy
Amina Gautier
$16.95  $11.86
In Reach
Pamela Carter Joern
$18.95  $13.26