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Spring/Summer 2017 catalog

Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog
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Fall/Winter 2016 catalog

Fall/Winter 2016 e-catalog
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UNP Thanks the Following Generous Supporters

Individual Donors and Friends Members

Tim and Nancy Anderson
Clark Archer
Gordon Bakken
William J. Banwell
Susan Belasco and Linck Johnson
Tom Broad
Roger and Sally Buchholz
Ross Chambers
Tom Clemente
Susie and Marvin Cohn
Community Members of Bellingham, Washington
Darrina Damico
Beth Boosalis Davis
Lona Dearmont
Lionel Delevingne
Donald J. Dermyer
Jeffrey and Nina Di Leo
Gerald and Kit Dimon
Sherrie Dux-Ideus
Bruce and Karrie Dvorak
Catherine Erion
Charles A. and Barb Francis
Mindy Fullilove
Carol Gendler
Kathryn Grossman
Kandra Hahn
Shannon R. Harner and Philip A. Goddard
James W. and Marjorie Hewitt
Marilyn Hoegemeyer
Elizabeth Holtze
Melissa J. Homestead
Jane Renner Hood
Ron Hull
Cheryl Alberts Irwin (in honor of LaVon Pape)
Jason Baird Jackson
Margaret D. Jacobs and Tom Lynch
Beverly Keever
Ted Kooser and Kathleen Rutledge
Robert Lannin
Carole Levin
Peggy Link
Bill and Karen Lyons
Martin and Ruth Massengale
Hilary Masters
Rowena McClinton
John C. Miles
Michael A. Monson
Greg Morris
Gary E. Moulton
Michael K. and Christie C. Nelson
Tom and Linda Neubauer
Jeri L. Nordbrock
Stephen Oates
Linda Olig
Gregg Orr
Eric Papenfuse and Catherine Lawrence
Bruce E. Pauley
Harvey and Susan Perlman
Sally Petersen
Sandy Phillips
Ken Price
Ladette Randolph
Hilda Raz and Dale Nordyke
Bruce and Sandra Rippeteau
Todd Robinson and Cheryle Manasil
Sigmund A. Rolat
Renise Rosenboom
Roger Rothman
Julius H. Rubin
William F. Sater
Jack Sauter
Theresa Schenck
Donna Shear and Joe Weber
Sue Silverman
Jane Griswold Smith
Jeffrey H. Smith
Mauricio Solaun
Jean P. Soman
Gabor Szabo
Drs. James and Connie Capers Thorson
Roy Wagner
Tom and Karla Wendelin
Mike and Amy Zeleny

Foundations and Organizations

African Poetry Book Fund
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Anonymous Foundation
California Supreme Court Historical Society
Carmen and John Gottschalk Foundation
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Florence Gould Foundation
French American Cultural Exchange (FACE), French Voices Program
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hemingway Grant Program
Friends of the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability
Friends of the University of Nebraska Press
H. Lee and Carol Gendler Charitable Fund
Holocaust Educational Foundation
Ike and Roz Friedman Family Foundation
Institut Français
Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford
National Endowment for the Arts
Robert and Ardis James Fund at the University of Nebraska Foundation
Sheldon Museum of Art
State Historical Society of Iowa
University of Nebraska Office of the President
University of Nebraska School of Natural Resources, Conservation and Survey Division
University of Nebraska Foundation
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cather Project, Woodress Fund
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Great Plains Studies
Virginia Faulkner Fund at the University of Nebraska Foundation

We also extend our thanks to administrators at universities across the nation and around the world who provide financial support for the publication of their faculty members’ UNP books.