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Fall/Winter 2016 catalog

Fall/Winter 2016 e-catalog
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Spring/Summer 2016 e-catalog
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Become a Friend of the Press

Friends of the Press Mission:

To promote and support the University of Nebraska Press through the development of financial resources and to heighten awareness of the role the Press plays in the dissemination of scholarly research and literature.

Sponsor an individual book

A wonderful way to support the work of the University of Nebraska Press is through underwriting the production costs of an individual book. Such gifts can allow the University of Nebraska Press to add color photography to a book or to price it at a lower cost so that it can reach its intended audience.

List of Current UNP Supporters

Contribute to subject funds
The University of Nebraska Press publishes in many fields, including Native studies, history, sports, fiction, literature, and memoir and has a series in each of these areas that requires ongoing support.
Support a book series
Several series that need underwriting are:
  • At Table
  • Indigenous Education
  • Our Sustainable Future
  • Outward Odyssey: A People's History of Spaceflight
  • The Complete Letters of Henry James
  • Flyover Fiction
  • American Lives
  • The International Quilt Study Center Collections
Make a donation
Make a donation to the Press Development Fund through the University of Nebraska Foundation (these funds can be used for specific projects or for general support). For further information contact:

Phone: 402-472-2861