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Febold Feboldson, Febold Feboldson, 0803250126, 0-8032-5012-6, 978-0-8032-5012-3, 9780803250123, Compiled by Paul R. Beath

Febold Feboldson
Tall Tales From The Great Plains
Compiled by Paul R. Beath

1962. 138 pp.
$15.95 s

This new edition of the widely reprinted "Febold" stories includes "Nebraska Strong Men" and "Olof Bergstrom: Swedish Pioneer" by Louise Pound.

"Paul Bunyan yarns have generally been conceded first place among the lies of all time, but here is Febold Feboldson, a Swede who has pushed his way out front and deserves recognition as the most accomplished, the most unqualified, the least repetitious, and—for a change—the most laughable legendary figure to steal the spotlight."—Buffalo, N.Y., Evening News

"Gorgeous reading for all who love genuine Americana."—The American Mercury

"Let us give Febold his full due as a purely regional phenomenon. As such—as an expression of the never-ending fight of Nebraskans against drought, flood, blistering heat, paralyzing cold, choking dust, and bottomless mud—he is very nearly perfect. . . . Paul Beath has done regional literature a service by collecting these richly imaginative tales."—Victor P. Hass, Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine of Books

"Everyone who loves American folklore will welcome this book. . . . The book contains no less than fourteen tales or groups of anecdotes, all of them cheerful, sly, or hilarious."—Stanley Vestal, The Daily Oklahoman

"Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, John Henry, and others of heroic mold may move over and listen a while. . . . Febold, the big Swede who homesteaded down on the Dismal River, his only neighbors the Dirtyleg tribe of Indians, is a folk character made almost before our eyes."—Kansas City Star

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