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Anne Frank, Anne Frank, 0827603118, 0-8276-0311-8, 978-0-8276-0311-0, 9780827603110, Johanna Hurwitz and Vera Rosenberry , , Anne Frank, 0827612060, 0-8276-1206-0, 978-0-8276-1206-8, 9780827612068, Johanna Hurwitz Illustrated by Vera Rosenberry

Anne Frank
A Life in Hiding
Johanna Hurwitz and Vera Rosenberry

1998. 62 pp.
For ages 10 and up
$13.95 t
Out of Print
2014. 72 pp.
$12.95 t

A marvelous and readable introduction to Anne Frank and the Holocaust, this sensitive portrait allows the reader to identify with Anne Frank and to share her isolation, hopes, and fears. This biography tells both about the Frank family and their lives before World War II and their years spent in hiding during the war.
Johanna Hurwitz is the author of Anne Frank: A Life in Hiding and Leonard Bernstein. Her speech topics include “Anne Frank and the Holocaust” and “Where Do Ideas Come From?”

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