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In the Mouth of the Wolf, In the Mouth of the Wolf, 0827603827, 0-8276-0382-7, 978-0-8276-0382-0, 9780827603820, Rose Zar and Eric A. Kimmel, , In the Mouth of the Wolf, 0827611722, 0-8276-1172-2, 978-0-8276-1172-6, 9780827611726, Rose Zar and Eric A. Kimmel, , In the Mouth of the Wolf, 0827611730, 0-8276-1173-0, 978-0-8276-1173-3, 9780827611733, Rose Zar and Eric A. Kimmel

In the Mouth of the Wolf
Rose Zar and Eric A. Kimmel

1992. 226 pp.
$18.00 t

Rose Zar was 19 years old when the Nazis invaded her native Poland. Her father urged her to save herself by hiding “in the mouth of the wolf”—or within the enemy itself. She managed to obtain false papers, secretly changing her identity and surviving the Holocaust as maid and nanny for a Nazi SS colonel.
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