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Heeding the Call, Heeding the Call, 0827605900, 0-8276-0590-0, 978-0-8276-0590-9, 9780827605909, Norman H. Finkelstein

Heeding the Call
Jewish Voices in America's Civil Rights Struggle
Norman H. Finkelstein

1997. 208 pp.
For ages 10 and up.
$20.00 t

For Ages 10 and up.

The struggle for equal rights in America forged a close connection between African-Americans and Jews. In Heeding the Call, young people will discover how much the shared history of both groups unites rather than divides them. An exceptional, must-have resource for school and young adult libraries.




Norman H. Finkelstein is the author of American Jewish History: A JPS Guide, Forged in Freedom, Heeding the Call, and Remember Not to Forget: A Memory of the Holocaust.

"Finkelstein's . . . work is a thorough, enlightening, and important history."—Booklist

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