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The Hasidic Parable, The Hasidic Parable, 0827607075, 0-8276-0707-5, 978-0-8276-0707-1, 9780827607071, Aryeh Wineman , , The Hasidic Parable, 0827610319, 0-8276-1031-9, 978-0-8276-1031-6, 9780827610316, Aryeh Wineman

The Hasidic Parable
An Anthology with Commentary
Aryeh Wineman

2001. 220 pp.
$25.00 t

The teachers of Hasidism gave new life to the literary tradition of parable, a story that teaches a spiritual or moral truth. In The Hasidic Parable, acclaimed author Aryeh Wineman takes readers through the great works of the hasidic storytellers. Telling parables, explains Rabbi Wineman, was a strategy that the hasidic masters used to foster a radical shift in thinking about God, the world, and the values and norms of religious life. Although these parables date back 200 years or more, they deal with moral and religious themes and issues still relevant today. Each is accompanied by notes and commentary by the author that illuminate their ideological significance and their historical roots and background. These parables have been culled from classical hasidic homiletic texts, chosen because of their literary qualities, their explanation of key concepts in the hasidic world-view, and also because of what they say to us about the conflicts and tensions accompanying Hasidism's emergence and growth.
Aryeh Wineman is the author of The Hasidic Parable, Mystic Tales of the Zohar, and Ethical Tales from the Kabbalah.

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