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American Indian Quarterly
Edited by Amanda J.Cobb-Greetham

Individual U.S. Subscription-1 yr
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ISSN  0095-182X

Available Electronically Through:

Available Electronically Through:

American Indian Quarterly has earned its reputation as one of the dominant journals in American Indian studies by presenting the best and most thought-provoking scholarship in the field. AIQ is a forum for diverse voices and perspectives spanning a variety of academic disciplines. The common thread is AIQ’s commitment to publishing work that contributes to the development of American Indian studies as a field and to the sovereignty and continuance of American Indian nations and cultures. In addition to peer-reviewed articles, AIQ features reviews of books, films, and exhibits.

Back issues are now available for purchase online.  To see the list of available issues, click on either the "Individual" or "Institution" option box above and select "Single Issue".  (If the issue you want isn't listed, it may still be available for order by phone, so please call.)

A note from Amanda Cobb-Greetham on AIQ's upcoming editorial change

 The Impact of Drug Trafficking on American Indian Reservations with International Boundaries
Asa Revels and Janet Cummings
American Indians and Alaska Natives Count: The US Census Bureau's Efforts to Enumerate the Native Population
Carol Chiago Lujan
A World without Fathers: Patriarchy, Colonialism, and the Male Creator in Northwest Tribal Narratives
Robyn Johnson
Mourning the Land: Kanikau in Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai?i
Marie Alohalani Brown
Book Reviews
James N. Leiker and Ramon Powers. The Northern Cheyenne Exodus in History and Memory
Leo Killsback
Circe Sturm. Becoming Indian: The Struggle over Cherokee Identity in the Twenty-First Century
Rowan Faye Steineker
Carol Williams, ed. Indigenous Women and Work: From Labor to Activism
Robin Minthorn
Nicolas Rosenthal. Reimagining Indian Country: Native American Migration and Identity in Twentieth-Century Los Angeles
Robin Minthorn
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