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Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon, Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon, 0870045113, 0-87004-511-3, 978-0-87004-511-0, 9780870045110, Lloyd W. Coffman , , Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon, 0870045725, 0-87004-572-5, 978-0-87004-572-1, 9780870045721, Lloyd W. Coffman

Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon
A Weekly Chronicle of the Great Migration of 1843
Lloyd W. Coffman

2012. 184 pp.
Illustrations, maps
$12.95 t

Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press
Blazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon is the story of a determined group of American pioneers who set out to move their families on wheeled vehicles from the settled frontier in Missouri to the far Pacific shore. Their incentive was simple enough. Times were tough in 1843, and they had heard of a lush new land existing in a place called Oregon, a land ready to be settled by hard-working farmers. Although a new life seemed to await them just over the horizon, none of them suspected how formidable that horizon really was.
Diaries, letters home, and later reminiscences tell their stories and document their emotional responses to their experiences. Beginning with the earliest assembly of wagons outside the frontier town of Independence, Missouri, the reader follows “this grand adventure” to its conclusion six months later in Oregon. By introducing the various participants through a weekly chronicle, the author enables readers to view these shared experiences from sometimes revealingly different angles of vision. In effect, readers themselves become vicarious members of the train.

Lloyd W. Coffman holds a master’s degree in history from Washington State University. In the early 1990s, at the request of Eastern Oregon State University, he developed and taught a class on the history of the Oregon Trail. Now semiretired, he and his wife, Janet, reside in McMinnville, Oregon.
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