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Cheyenne Autumn, Second Edition, Cheyenne Autumn, Second Edition, 0803293410, 0-8032-9341-0, 978-0-8032-9341-0, 9780803293410, Mari Sandoz With a new introduction by Alan Boye, , Cheyenne Autumn, Second Edition, 0803293585, 0-8032-9358-5, 978-0-8032-9358-8, 9780803293588, Mari Sandoz With a new introduction by Alan Boye, , Cheyenne Autumn, Second Edition, 0803293739, 0-8032-9373-9, 978-0-8032-9373-1, 9780803293731, Mari Sandoz With a new introduction by Alan Boye, , Cheyenne Autumn, Second Edition, 0803

Cheyenne Autumn, Second Edition
Mari Sandoz
With a new introduction by Alan Boye

2005. 284 pp.
Illus., map
$17.95 t

In the autumn of 1878 a band of Cheyenne Indians set out from Indian Territory, where they had been sent by the U.S. government, to return to their homeland in Yellowstone country. Mari Sandoz tells the saga of their heartbreaking fifteen-hundred-mile flight. Alan Boye provides an introduction to this Bison Books edition.

A historian and a novelist, Mari Sandoz (1896–1966) is the author of Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas and Old Jules, both available in Bison Books editions.
Alan Boye is a professor of English at Vermont’s Lyndon State College. He is the author of Holding Stone Hands: On the Trail of the Cheyenne Exodus (Nebraska 2001).

"Not only in American history but in all history it is hard to find stories as moving, noble and dramatic as this one. The highest praise one could give any book about it would be to say that it was worthy of its subject. Cheyenne Autumn deserves that accolade."—Saturday Review of Literature

"Actually, Mari Sandoz does more than just tell the story. With her customary skill, she manages to recreate a man, a scene, an event, a page from history, so that through her prose this great story of the struggle of a small band of homesick, mistreated, half-starved Indians against the military might of a major nation takes on the stature of an American epic."—Chicago Sunday Tribune

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