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A Cycle of the West, A Cycle of the West, 080323323X, 0-8032-3323-X, 978-0-8032-3323-2, 9780803233232, John G. Neihardt , , A Cycle of the West, 0803283784, 0-8032-8378-4, 978-0-8032-8378-7, 9780803283787, John G. Neihardt

A Cycle of the West
The Song of Three Friends, The Song of Hugh Glass, The Song of Jed Smith, The Song of the Indian Wars, The Song of the Messiah
John G. Neihardt

1992. 524 pp.
$150.00 s
Out of Print
2002. 524 pp.
$34.95 t

A Cycle of the West rewards its readers with a sweeping saga of the American West and John G. Neihardt's exhilarating vision of frontier history. Infused with wonder, nostalgia, and a keen appreciation of epic history, A Cycle of the West provides an ideal introduction to the world of Black Elk Speaks.

Unquestionably the masterpiece of the poet who has been called the "American Homer," A Cycle of the West celebrates the land and legends of the Old West in five narrative poems: The Song of Three Friends (1919), The Song of Hugh Glass (1915), The Song of Jed Smith (1941), The Song of the Indian Wars (1925), and The Song of the Messiah (1935). This unforgettable epic of discovery, conquest, courage, and tragedy speaks movingly and resoundingly of a unique American experience.

Internationally known for Black Elk Speaks, John G. Neihardt (1881–1973) was a noted author in several genres. His essays and literary criticism are collected in Knowledge and Opinion (Nebraska 2002).

"A sweeping narrative told with poetic images as big as the great American west."—Alexandra Ceely, Historical Novels Review

"A vigorous, mural-minded epic. . . . that is by turns vivid, exalted, devastating, bloody and beautiful."—Norman Corwin, Los Angeles Times Book Review

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