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From Society Page to Front Page, From Society Page to Front Page, 0803232934, 0-8032-3293-4, 978-0-8032-3293-8, 9780803232938, Eileen M. Wirth, , From Society Page to Front Page, 0803245661, 0-8032-4566-1, 978-0-8032-4566-2, 9780803245662, Eileen M. Wirth

From Society Page to Front Page
Nebraska Women in Journalism
Eileen M. Wirth

2013. 220 pp.
13 photographs
$17.95 t

Eileen M. Wirth never set out to be a groundbreaker for women in journalism, but if she wanted to report on social issues instead of society news, she had no alternative. Her years as one of the first women reporters at the Omaha World-Herald, covering gender barriers even as she broke a few herself, give Wirth an especially apt perspective on the women profiled in this book: those Nebraskans who, over a hundred years, challenged traditional feminine roles in journalism and subtly but surely changed the world.

The book features remarkable women journalists who worked in every venue, from rural weeklies to TV. They fought for the vote, better working conditions for immigrants, and food safety at the turn of the century. They covered wars from the Russian Revolution to Vietnam. They were White House reporters and minority journalists who crusaded for civil rights. Though Willa Cather may be the only household name among them, all are memorable, their stories affording a firsthand look into the history of journalism and social change.

Eileen M. Wirth is a professor and chair of the Department of Journalism, Media and Computing at Creighton University.

"The firsthand look of the author, who was one of the first women reporters at the Omaha World-Herald, is a memorable journey into the lives of little-known trailblazers in our society."—Creighton AlumWire

"I love reading this history and being deeply grateful that I belong, even barely and peripherally, to this extraordinary cadre of Nebraska women in journalism."—Ruth Thone, Lincoln Journal Star

"Eileen Wirth's book is a treasure not to be missed by lovers of history, journalism or civil rights."—Book Nook, Omaha Public Library

“An inventory of inspiring and real-life stories of remarkable groundbreaking women journalists. . . . This book should resonate with women everywhere who seek to use the full range of their abilities and still lead fulfilling personal lives. And it is not just for women!”—Chuck Hagel, former U.S. senator from Nebraska

“This is a must-read story of Nebraska women journalists’ efforts to gain respect and credibility in a field that was dominated by men. Wirth uses her firsthand experiences to help tell the stories of the little-known Nebraska trailblazers who preceded her. Placing the stories in the context of their eras, Wirth makes observations that will entertain and enlighten both male and female readers as she documents the progress.”—Ruth E. Brown, president of Nebraska Press Women, 2008–12

“Here is a rousing ovation to the women who refused to let cultural assumptions define their professional identities. Eileen Wirth’s book will put you in awe of how barriers could be overcome by such dauntless and yet unassuming women.”—Chuck Roberts, news anchor, KMTV Omaha (1974–81) and CNN Headline News (1981–2010)

Publication of this volume was assisted by a grant from the Friends of the University of Nebraska Press.

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