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Great Plains Quarterly
Edited by Chuck Braithwaite

Individual U.S. Subscription-1 yr
Individual Foreign Subscription-1 yr
Institution U.S. Subscription-1 yr
Institution Foreign Subscription-1 yr
ISSN  0275-7664

Available Electronically Through:

Great Plains Quarterly publishes articles for scholars and interested laypeople on history, literature, culture, and social issues relevant to the Great Plains, which include Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. 

 The journal, which is published for the Center for Great Plains Studies, is edited by a faculty member from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and includes a distinguished international board of advisory editors. 

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Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize Announcement

Pawnee Buttes: Synecdoche and Microcosm
R. M. Joeckel
"Our First Duty Was to God and Our Next to Our Country": Religion, Violence, and the Sand Creek Massacre
Christopher Rein
Legacy and Conflict: Willa Cather and the Spirit of the Western University
Kelsey Squire
Collecting Indian Portraits: Governor Kirkwood, William Henry Jackson, and the Nineteenth-Century Photographic Album
Rachel M. Sailor
Review Essay
Exploring Meriwether Lewis
James Holmberg
Book Reviews
Andrew Jewell and Janis Stout, eds. The Selected Letters of Willa Cather
Steven Trout
Curtis R. McManus. Happyland: A History of the "Dirty Thirties" in Saskatchewan, 1944–1937
Nolan Brown
Paul H. Carlson and John T. Becker. Georgia O'Keeffe in Texas: A Guide
Mark Thistlethwaite
Norman K. Risjord. Dakota: The Story of the Northern Plains
Kimberly K. Porter
Christopher A. Scales. Recording Culture: Powwow Music and the Aboriginal Recording Industry on the Northern Plains
Luke Eric Lassiter
Debra Buchholtz. The Battle of the Greasy Grass/Little Bighorn: Custer's Last Stand in Memory, History, and Popular Culture
Robert W. Larson
Tracey Owens Patton and Sally M. Schedlock. Gender, Whiteness, and Power in Rodeo: Breaking Away from the Ties of Sexism and Racism
Mary-Ellen Kelm
Heather Igloliorte, Brenda L. Croft, and Steve Loft. Decolonize Me
Anne Whitelaw
David Miller, Dennis Smith, Joseph McGeshik, James Shanley, and Caleb Shields. The History of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, 1600–2012
Sweeney Windchief
Thomas C. Maroukis. The Peyote Road: Religious Freedom and the Native American Church
Joshua M. Young
Notes and News
Also of Interest

Great Plains Research
Gary Willson,
Journal Editor

Last Days of the Rainbelt
David J. Wishart

Canoeing the Great Plains
Patrick Dobson

Great Plains Research
Gary Willson,
Journal Editor