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Great Plains Quarterly
Edited by Chuck Braithwaite

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ISSN  0275-7664

Available Electronically Through:

Great Plains Quarterly publishes articles for scholars and interested laypeople on history, literature, culture, and social issues relevant to the Great Plains, which include Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. 

 The journal, which is published for the Center for Great Plains Studies, is edited by a faculty member from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and includes a distinguished international board of advisory editors. 


Inspired by Plains Indian Drawings: The Mystery of Lieutenant Adolphus von Luettwitz’s Drawings of the Plains Indian War
Judith Bookbinder

A Temporary Taming of the Wild West: The Events of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898
Abby Whalen

Settling Down and Proving Up on an Eastern Colorado Homestead: The Correspondence of Estelle Siglin and Homer Evans, 1906–1911
Rena K. Fowler

Review Essay
The Platte, a Dry Place, and the Plains
Gaynell Gavin

Book Reviews
Douglas D. Scott, Peter Bleed, and Stephen Damm. Custer, Cody, and Grand Duke Alexis: Historical Archaeology of the Royal Buffalo Hunt
Thomas D. Thiessen

Gerald T. Conaty, ed. We Are Coming Home: Repatriation and the Restoration of Blackfoot Cultural Confidence
Sally Thompson

Laura Ingalls Wilder. Pamela Smith Hill, ed. Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography
Michelle McClellan

John T. Davis. The Flatlanders: Now It’s Now Again
Scott D. Paulin

Ian Michael Spurgeon. Soldiers in the Army of Freedom: The 1st Kansas Colored, the Civil War’s First African American Combat Unit
Alisha J. Hines

Thomas A. Britten. The National Council on Indian Opportunity: Quiet Champion of Self-Determination
James Allison

Lee Marmon and Tom Corbett. Laguna Pueblo: A Photographic History
Shelley Armitage

Ron L. Jackson Jr. and Lee Spencer White. Foreword by Phil Collins. Joe, the Slave Who Became an Alamo Legend
Rachel Wolters

Sally Thompson, Kootenai Culture Committee, and the Pikunni Traditional Association. People Before the Park: The Kootenai and Blackfeet Before Glacier National Park
Joanne Schmidt

Ian Mosby. Food Will Win the War: The Politics, Culture, and Science of Food on Canada’s Home Front
Kathryn Dolan

Andrew Cowell, Alonzo Moss Sr., and William J. C’Hair. Arapaho Stories, Songs, and Prayers: A Bilingual Anthology
Gretchen Ronnow

Notes and News
Also of Interest

Great Plains Research
Peter J. Longo,
Journal Editor

Last Days of the Rainbelt
David J. Wishart

Canoeing the Great Plains
Patrick Dobson

Great Plains Research
Peter J. Longo,
Journal Editor