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Haters, Haters, 1612347665, 1-61234-766-5, 978-1-61234-766-0, 9781612347660, Bailey Poland , , Haters, 161234870X, 1-61234-870-X, 978-1-61234-870-4, 9781612348704, Bailey Poland , , Haters, 1612348718, 1-61234-871-8, 978-1-61234-871-1, 9781612348711, Bailey Poland , , Haters, 1612348726, 1-61234-872-6, 978-1-61234-872-8, 9781612348728, Bailey Poland

Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online
Bailey Poland

2016. 312 pp.
$19.95 t

Cybersexism is rampant and can exact an astonishingly high cost. In some cases, the final result is suicide.

Bullying, stalking, and trolling are just the beginning. Extreme examples such as GamerGate get publicized, but otherwise the online abuse of women is largely underreported. Haters combines a history of online sexism with suggestions for solutions.

Using current events and the latest available research into cybersexism, Bailey Poland questions the motivations behind cybersexist activities and explores methods to reduce footprints of Internet misogyny, drawing parallels between online and offline abuse. By exploring the cases of Alyssa Funke, Rehtaeh Parsons, Audrie Pott, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and others, and her personal experiences with sexism, Poland develops a compelling method of combating sexism online.

Bailey Poland is a writer, feminist, and activist, as well as the creator of the literary journal Leaves and Flowers; she is a regular contributor to numerous print and online journals, including Line Zero. She is the editor of Involution: Stories, Poems, and Essays from the First Two Years of “Line Zero.”

"Those interested in topics of social justice in online communities will find Poland's work immensely motivating."—Marian Mays, Library Journal

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