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In Reach, In Reach, 0803254830, 0-8032-5483-0, 978-0-8032-5483-1, 9780803254831, Pamela Carter Joern, Flyover Fiction, In Reach, 0803256760, 0-8032-5676-0, 978-0-8032-5676-7, 9780803256767, Pamela Carter Joern, Flyover Fiction, In Reach, 0803256779, 0-8032-5677-9, 978-0-8032-5677-4, 9780803256774, Pamela Carter Joern, Flyover Fiction, In Reach, 0803256787, 0-8032-5678-7, 978-0-8032-5678-1, 9780803256781, Pamela Carter Joern, Flyover Fictio

In Reach
Pamela Carter Joern

2014. 216 pp.
$18.95 t

In writing both rich and evocative, Pamela Carter Joern conjures the small plains town of Reach, Nebraska, where residents are stuck tight in the tension between loneliness and the risks of relationships.
With insight, wry humor, and deep compassion, Joern renders a cast of recurring characters engaged in battles public and private, epic and mundane: a husband and wife find themselves the center of a local scandal; a widow yearns for companionship, but on her own terms; a father and son struggle with their broken relationship; a man longs for escape from a community’s limited view of love; a boy’s misguided attempt to protect his brother results in a senseless tragedy. In the town of Reach, where there is hope and hardship, connections may happen in surprising ways or lie achingly beyond grasp. 

Pamela Carter Joern is the author of The Floor of the Sky, a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers selection and winner of the Alex Award and the Nebraska Book Award, and The Plain Sense of Things. Visit her website

"Joern's talent is in creating fully realized, interesting characters and unambiguous stories that weave together several threads."—Mary Ann Grossmann,

“These stories are raw and wrenching. . . . [Joern’s] deeply empathetic prose masterfully captures nuanced emotions that linger after the tales conclude.”—Emily Case, Nebraska Life

"Joern is a seasoned tour guide. As she tells her stories, she lets us know that she understands our broken, beautiful, humanity. For that we should give her thanks."—Aaron Klink, Collegeville Institute

In Reach is a Winesburg, Ohio, for the contemporary Great Plains. . . . Filled with complicated human stories, it is a joy to read and will stay with the reader for a long, long time.”—Dan O’Brien, author of Wild Idea


“Pamela Carter Joern’s fictional village of Reach, Nebraska, is populated by people you have known, or known of, all your life. In these glimpses of life as it is really lived, you will encounter your aunt Ella, your grandfather Leland, even the uncle no one mentions. You may agree that God is not absent if you are there. You will never forget Marlene and Vernon. Each character is doing “the best he can do” to harvest satisfaction from their lives. Searching for connections, you will find these folks in reach of your heart.”—Linda M. Hasselstrom, author of No Place Like Home and Dirt Song


In Reach is an elegant, pitch-perfect book. . . . Pamela Joern has once again demonstrated that she’s the real thing, a masterful writer capable of showing us the world through the passions, disappointments, secrets, losses, and small achievements of characters whose submerged lives are played out against the harsh beauty of the Nebraska plains. I loved this book.”—Ladette Randolph, author of Haven’s Wake

2015 Nebraska Book Award in Fiction/Short Story
2015 Minnesota Book Awards Finalist in Novel & Short Story

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