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The JPS Bible Commentary: Jonah, The JPS Bible Commentary: Jonah, 0827606729, 0-8276-0672-9, 978-0-8276-0672-2, 9780827606722, Uriel Simon , JPS Bible Commentary, The JPS Bible Commentary: Jonah, 0827609744, 0-8276-0974-4, 978-0-8276-0974-7, 9780827609747, Uriel Simon , JPS Bible Commentar

The JPS Bible Commentary: Jonah
Uriel Simon

1999. 52 pp.
$40.00 s

Based on the same format and design as the Torah volumes, Jonah provides a critical line-by-line commentary of the biblical text, which is presented in its original Hebrew, complete with vocalization and cantillation marks, as well as the JPS English translation. It includes a scholarly introduction, extensive bibliographic and critical notes, and other explanatory material.

Uriel Simon is a professor emeritus at Bar Ilan University in Israel and served as a director of the university’s Institute for the History of Jewish Research. He has also taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Yale University, and Harvard University.

“Simon’s commentary is a welcome addition to this excellent series.”—Interpretation

“An outstanding literary and exegetical commentary on the book of Jonah.”—Bibliotheca Sacra

"This volume is a welcome addition to modern scholarship on the Book of Jonah."—David J. Zucker, Jewish Bible Quarterly

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