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The JPS Bible Commentary: Jonah, The JPS Bible Commentary: Jonah, 0827606729, 0-8276-0672-9, 978-0-8276-0672-2, 9780827606722, Uriel Simon , JPS Bible Commentary, The JPS Bible Commentary: Jonah, 0827609744, 0-8276-0974-4, 978-0-8276-0974-7, 9780827609747, Uriel Simon , JPS Bible Commentar

The JPS Bible Commentary: Jonah
Uriel Simon

1999. 52 pp.
$40.00 s

Based on the same format and design as the Torah volumes, Jonah provides a critical line-by-line commentary of the biblical text, which is presented in its original Hebrew, complete with vocalization and cantillation marks, as well as the JPS English translation. It includes a scholarly introduction, extensive bibliographic and critical notes, and other explanatory material.

Uriel Simon is a professor emeritus at Bar Ilan University in Israel and served as a director of the university’s Institute for the History of Jewish Research. He has also taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Yale University, and Harvard University.

“Simon’s commentary is a welcome addition to this excellent series.”—Interpretation

“An outstanding literary and exegetical commentary on the book of Jonah.”—Bibliotheca Sacra

"This volume is a welcome addition to modern scholarship on the Book of Jonah."—David J. Zucker, Jewish Bible Quarterly

"If you're working your way through Jonah, Simon's JPS commentary is one of three or four you should make sure to use."—Words on the Word

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