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Journal of Sports Media
Edited by Mary Lou Sheffer
Founding Editor, Brad Schultz

Individual U.S. Subscription-1 yr
Individual Foreign Subscription-1 yr
Institution U.S. Subscription-1 yr
Institution Foreign Subscription-1 yr
ISSN  1558-4313

Available Electronically Through:

The Journal of Sports Media is a response to the undeniable influence of sports media on contemporary culture and the growing interest in the field as an area of study and research. It provides a broad-based exploration of the field and promotes a greater understanding of sports media in terms of their practices, value, and effect on the culture as a whole. The journal features scholarly articles, essays, book reviews, and reports on major conferences and seminars. While the majority of the articles are academic in nature, it also includes articles from industry leaders and sports media figures on topics appealing to a non-academic audience.

Editor’s Preface

As Venus Turns: A Feminist Soap Opera Analysis of Venus Vs.
Katherine L. Lavelle

No Girls Allowed! Female Reporters as Threats to the Male Domain of Sports
Korryn D. Mozisek

The 99ers: Celebrating the Mythological
Lindsey J. Meân

Nine for IX—Branded: From Affect to Action
Ann Pegoraro

To Airbrush or Not? Theoretical and Practical Applications of Athletes, Tattoos, and the Media
Betsy Emmons and Andrew C. Billings

The Semiotics of a Native American Sports Logo: The Signification of the “Screaming Savage”
Jacob S. Turner

“Shit Got Cray Cray #MYBAD”: An Examination of the Image-Repair Discourse of Richie Incognito During the Miami Dolphins’ Bullying Scandal
Annelie Schmittel and Kevin Hull
Also of Interest

Trey Strecker,
Journal Editor

Battle for Paradise
Jeremy Evans

Great Eight
Mark L. Armour

Pitching to the Pennant
Joseph Wancho