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Journal of Sports Media
Edited by Mary Lou Sheffer
Founding Editor, Brad Schultz

Individual U.S. Subscription-1 yr
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ISSN  1558-4313

Available Electronically Through:

The Journal of Sports Media is a response to the undeniable influence of sports media on contemporary culture and the growing interest in the field as an area of study and research. It provides a broad-based exploration of the field and promotes a greater understanding of sports media in terms of their practices, value, and effect on the culture as a whole. The journal features scholarly articles, essays, book reviews, and reports on major conferences and seminars. While the majority of the articles are academic in nature, it also includes articles from industry leaders and sports media figures on topics appealing to a non-academic audience.

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 The Tweet Life of Erin and Kirk: A Gendered Analysis of Professional Sports Broadcasters' Self-Presentation on Twitter
Melinda Weathers, Jimmy Sanderson, Pauline Matthey, Alexia Grevious, Samantha Warren, and Maggie Tehan
Bypass and Broadcast: Utilizing Parasocial Interaction to Examine @NHL Communication on Twitter during the 2012–2013 Lockout
Evan Frederick, Marion E. Hamrick, and Galen Clavio
"A Female in a Man's World": New-Media Discourse around the First Female NFL Referee
Dunja Antunovic
"It Just Makes Good Business Sense": A Media Political Economy Analysis of espnW
Sarah Wolter
Girls Ruin Everything: An Analysis of the Framing of the Removal of Baseball and Softball from Olympic Competition
Lauren Reichart Smith
"Plays like a Guy": A Rhetorical Analysis of Brittney Griner in Sports Media
Katherine L. Lavelle
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