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Ma Jeeter's Girls, Ma Jeeter's Girls, 0803244142, 0-8032-4414-2, 978-0-8032-4414-6, 9780803244146, Dorothy Thomas, , Ma Jeeter's Girls, 0803294050, 0-8032-9405-0, 978-0-8032-9405-9, 9780803294059, Dorothy Thomas

Ma Jeeter's Girls
Dorothy Thomas

1986. 197 pp.
$17.95 s
Out of Print
1986. 197 pp.
$14.95 t

Ma Jeeter, a sensible and hearty farm woman, tells the stories of the courtships of five daughters to the schoolteacher who boards with her. Ella, Bell, Lena, Laura, and Lizzie all got bitten and burdened early, thanks to the bumblebee of love. Now her youngest, Evie, is coming home to be married, and everything is as it should be.

The Jeeters are based loosely on a funny, goodhearted family that Dorothy Thomas lived with in her schoolteaching days. H. L. Mencken, the famed editor, author, and critic, encouraged her to write these vignettes about them. Original pen and ink drawings by the author have been added to this edition.

"Full of pawky observation and robustious humor. The central character, Ma Jeeter of the Nebraska wheat country, stands out brilliantly in the round, and there is quite as much reality in her six unfortunate daughters, all of whom save one get to the altar only a lap or two ahead of the midwife."—American Mercury

"Miss Thomas's Ma Jeeter is a never failing delight [in] her gusto, humor, and native good sense."—New Republic

"Miss Thomas tells her story with charming humor and real understanding. . . . Ma Jeeter and each one of the girls become lovable and live, in her vivid phrases, without any appearance of exaggeration."—New York Times

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