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Spring/Summer 2017 catalog

Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog
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Fall/Winter 2016 catalog

Fall/Winter 2016 e-catalog
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Middle West Review
 Edited by Paul Mokrzycki Renfro

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ISSN  2372-5664

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The Middle West Review is an interdisciplinary journal about the American Midwest and the only publication dedicated exclusively to the study of the Midwest as a region. It provides a forum for scholars and nonscholars alike to explore the contested meanings of midwestern identity, history, geography, society, culture, and politics. What states belong within the Midwest? Is the Midwest inherently rural? Are Chicago and Pacific Junction, Iowa, part of the same region? If so, what links them? What traditions or features define the Midwest? Does the Midwest have a particular economic identity? Is the Midwest “queer”? How does the Midwest’s racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity square with its popular perception as a homogenous space? Is the Midwest “distinctive”? If so, why do Americans often conceive of it as a “normative” site, one divorced from the historical intrigue and conflict of the South and the West? The Middle West Review seeks to examine these and other questions and, in turn, help revitalize the study of the American Midwest.

Editorial Board

Volume 3, Number 1 (Fall 2016)

The Battle of the Bookstores and Gay Sexual Liberation in Minneapolis
   Kevin Ehrman-Solberg
Centropolis: William Gilpin, Nature, and the City of the Future
   John Herron   
"Iowa Excelled Them All": Iowa Local Ladies' Aid Societies on the Civil War Frontier, 1861-1865
   Lindsey R. Peterson  
Grant Wood and the Politics of Regionalism
   Michael C. Steiner   
The Midwest and the Evolution of "Flyover Country"
   Anthony Hapkins   
Book Reviews
Anna Clark, ed., A Detroit Anthology
   Christine Borne  
Ethel Alice Hurn, Wisconsin Women in the War between the States
   Ruth Page Jones   
Vincent L. Michael, The Architecture of Barry Byrne: Taking the Prairie School to Europe
   Patrick Allan Pospisek
J. F. Powers, Suitable Accommodations: An Autobiographical Story of Family Life--The Letters of J. F. Powers, 1942-1963, edited by Katherine A. Powers
   Jon Schaff
George F. Kennan, The Kennan Diaries, edited by Frank Costigliola
   Richard Gamble
Brian Craig Miller, ed., A Punishment on the Nation: An Iowa Soldier Endures the Civil War
Joseph W. Danielson
Jim Harrison, The Big Seven: A Faux Mystery
   Marcia Noe
Paul Schneider, Old Man River: The Mississippi River in North American History
   Michael Allen
Kurt Ullrich, The Iowa State Fair
   Robert Leonard
Ladette Randolph, Leaving the Pink House
   Karen Gettert Shoemaker
James Cannon, Gerald R. Ford: An Honorable Life
   Jim Kratsas
Victoria M. Young, Saint John's Abbey Church: Marcel Breuer and the Creation of a Modern Sacred Space
   Harry Hagan
Michael R. Federspiel, Little Traverse Bay: Past and Present
   Aaron Shapiro
James G. Morgan, Into New Territory: American Historians and the Concept of U.S. Imperialism
   Jeremi Suri
Frans De Bruyn and Shaun Regan, eds., The Culture of the Sever Years' War: Empire, Identity, and the Arts in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
   Timothy J. Shannon
Michael J. Douma, How Dutch Americans Stayed Dutch: An Historical Perspective on Ethnic Studies
   Robert Schoone-Jongen
John Bicknell, America 1844: Religious Fervor, Westward Expansion, and the Presidential Election that Transformed the Nation
   John C. Pinheiro
Martha Bergland and Paul G. Hayes, Studying Wisconsin: The Life of Increase Lapham, Early Chronicler of Plants, Rocks, Rivers, Mounds, and All Things Wisconsin
   Robert Michael Morrissey
A. James Fuller, ed., The Election of 1860 Reconsidered
   Thomas J. Balcerski
Stephen E. Towne, Surveillance and Spies in the Civil War: Exposing Confederate Conspiracies in America's Heartland
   Thomas J. Ryan
Colin G. Calloway, The Victory with No Name: The Native American Defeat of the First American Army
   John M. Rhea
Brent M. S. Campney, This is Not Dixie: Racist Violence in Kansas, 1861-1927
   Robert R. Dykstra
Nancy L. Bunge, The Midwestern Novel: Literary Populism from Huckleberry Finn to the Present
   Ronald Weber
Larry Lockridge, Shade of the Raintree: The Life and Death of Ross Lockridge, Jr., Author of Raintree County
   Donald Gray
Adam Criblez, Parading Patriotism: Independence Day Celebrations in the Urban Midwest, 1826-1876
   Ginette Aley

Media Reviews
As Goes Janesville, dir. Brad Lichtenstein (2012)
   Jesse Gant
Bridesmaids, dir. Paul Feig (2011)
   Simone Becque
Hoop Dreams, dirs. Steve James, Peter Gilbert, and Frederick Marx (1994)
   Matthew E. Stanley
Ride with the Devil, dir. Ang Lee (1999)
   Michael W. Harris
Winter's Bone, dir. Debra Granik (2010)
   Matthew Reeves
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