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A Journal of Baseball History and Culture
Edited by Trey Strecker

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ISSN  1188-9330

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NINE studies all historical aspects of baseball, centering on the societal and cultural implications of the game wherever in the world it is played. This journal features articles, essays, book reviews, biographies, oral history, and short fiction pieces.

Back issues are now available for purchase online.  To see the list of available issues, click on either the "Individual" or "Institution" option box above and select "Single Issue".  (If the issue you want isn't listed, it may still be available for order by phone, so please call.)

 Volume 22, Number 1 (Fall 2013)

Diamond Quotes

"Let Them Play!" The Cannon Street All-Stars and the 1955 Little League World Series
Chris Lamb

Voyage to the Land of the Rising Sun: The Wisconsin Badger Nine's 1909 Trip to Japan
Joe Niese

Youth Baseball and Colonial Identity in Taiwan, 1920–1968
John Harney

Miami Stadium's Grand Opening Gala
Sam Zygner

Pastime or Waste of Time: Narratives in the Media Surrounding the 2006 World Baseball Classic
Dain TePoel

Is This Heaven? It's Iowa the World Baseball Classic: Field of Dreams Moments in Global, Domestic, and Internal Marketing
William Harris Ressler, Ian Rebhan, and Jesse Goldberg-Strassler

Bud Selig's "Hope and Faith" in His Last Great Goal Rewarded on Jupiter's Field of Dreams
Larry Ruttman

Triple Play: Personal Reviews, Op-ed Pieces, and Polemics from Outside the Purview of the Umpires
Tiger Town: Spring Training, 1966
George Gmelch

The Accidental Mascot: How Mr. Celery Reached His Salad Days with the Wilmington Blue Rocks
Kenneth A. Jacobsen

The Sound of the Bat; A Few Meditations on the Tightly-Wound Baseball
Bill Meissner 

Book Reviews

The Farmer's Game: Baseball in Rural America
Joel S. Franks

The Summer of Beer and Whiskey: How Brewers, Barkeeps, Rowdies, Immigrants, and a Wild Pennant Fight Made Baseball America's Game
Ron Kates

Baseball and Social Class: Essays on the Democratic Game That Isn't
Ron Briley

When Baseball Isn't White, Straight and Male: The Media and Difference in the National Pastime
Jennifer J. Asenas and Kevin A. Johnson

Beyond Home Plate: Jackie Robinson on Life After Baseball
Chris Lamb

Nikkei Baseball: Japanese American Players from Immigration and Internment to the Major Leagues
Robert A. Moss

American Jews & America's Game: Voices of a Growing Legacy in Baseball
Rob Edelman

Mr. Wrigley's Ball Club: Chicago & the Cubs during the Jazz Age
Richard Crepeau

Color Blind: The Forgotten Team That Broke Baseball's Color Line
Cliff Hight

The Victory Season: The End of World War II and the Birth of Baseball's Golden Age
Steven P. Gietschier

The American League in Transition, 1965–1975—How Competition Thrived When the Yankees Didn't
Mark Armour

The Expos in Their Prime: The Short-Lived Glory of Montreal's Team, 1977–1984
William E. Akin

The Bird: The Life and Legacy of Mark Fidrych
Darrell Berger

The Baseball Trust: A History of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption
Mitchell Nathanson

Making It in the Minors: A Team Owner's Inside Lessons in the Business of Baseball
William Harris Ressler

Stealing Home: Baseball Poems
James J. Donahue

Film Review
42: The Jackie Robinson Story
Elliott Abramson


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Journal of Sports Media
Mary Lou Sheffer,
Journal Editor

Great Eight
Mark L. Armour

Pitching to the Pennant
Joseph Wancho

Payroll to Meet
David Whitford