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Native South
Edited by Greg O'Brien, Robbie Ethridge, and Melanie Benson Taylor

Individual U.S. Subscription-1 yr
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ISSN  1943-2569

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Native South challenges scholars of southern history to expand their conception of the field to include more than the black and white post-colonial south that colors much of the historical literature of the region. The journal focuses on the investigation of Southeastern Indian history with the goals of encouraging further study and exposing the influences of Indian people on the wider South.  It does not limit itself to the study of the geographic area that was once encompassed by the Confederacy, but expands its view to the areas occupied by the pre-contact- and the post-contact descendants of the original inhabitants of the South, wherever they may be.
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A Cherokee Epic: Kermit Hunter’s Unto These Hills and the Mythologizing of Cherokee History
Gregory D. Smithers

Koasati and “All the Olden Talk”: Ideologies of Linguistic Conservatism and the Mediation of Linguistic Authority
Stephanie Hasselbacher

T. C. Stuart and the Monroe Mission among the Chickasaws in Mississippi, 1819–1834
Otis W. Pickett

Field Notes
Tooanahowi: The Maturation of the Next Yamacraw Leader
Julie Anne Sweet

The Hominy Foodway of the Historic Native Eastern Woodlands
Rachel V. Briggs

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