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Nebraska Place-Names (New Edition), Nebraska Place-Names (New Edition), 0803250606, 0-8032-5060-6, 978-0-8032-5060-4, 9780803250604, Lilian L. Fitzpatrick and J. T. Link Edited and with an introduction by G. Thomas Fairclough

Nebraska Place-Names (New Edition)
Lilian L. Fitzpatrick and J. T. Link
Edited and with an introduction by G. Thomas Fairclough

1960. 228 pp.
$18.00 s

During the thirty-five years since it was first published, Nebraska Place-Names, thanks to its completeness and reliable scholarship, its excellent arrangement and its readability, not only has remained the standard work on the subject but is by way of  becoming a classic of its kind. This new edition, which incorporates the complete text of the original study, once more makes available a work of interest to every Nebraskan as well as to social historians, folklorists, and collectors of Western Americana.


Enriching the Fitzpartick study, and considerably increasing its scope, are four new chapters derived from another standard work, The Origin of the Place Names of Nebraska (The Toponomy of Nebraska) by J. T. Link. These chapters concern, respectively, the name “Nebraska”; names of cultural features (trails, ranch and overland stations, military posts, Indian reservations, forests, state parks); names of water features (streams, lakes, marshes, swamps, springs, falls); and names of relief features (bluffs, buttes, hills, valleys, canyons, gulches, flats islands).

Nebraska Place-Names was written by the late Lilian L. Fitzpatrick while studying under the late Dr. Louise Pound. This new edition has been edited by an inheritor of Nebraska’s “Pound tradition,” G. Thomas Fairclough, who took his A.B. and M.A. degrees at Nebraska where he served as a graduate instructor in English. Mr. Fairclough, who is at present studying for his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University, has contributed articles to American Speech and Names and is the author of A Fugitive and Gracious Light, a study on Joubert and Matthew Arnold.

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