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Phantom Past, Indigenous Presence, Phantom Past, Indigenous Presence, 0803211376, 0-8032-1137-6, 978-0-8032-1137-7, 9780803211377, Edited and with an introduction by Colleen E. Boyd and Coll Thrush, , Phantom Past, Indigenous Presence, 0803236182, 0-8032-3618-2, 978-0-8032-3618-9, 9780803236189, Edited and with an introduction by Colleen E. Boyd and Coll Thrush

Phantom Past, Indigenous Presence
Native Ghosts in North American Culture and History
Edited and with an introduction by Colleen E. Boyd and Coll Thrush

2011. 360 pp.
3 illustrations, 1 table
$35.00 s

The imagined ghosts of Native Americans have been an important element of colonial fantasy in North America ever since European settlements were established in the seventeenth century. Native burial grounds and Native ghosts have long played a role in both regional and local folklore and in the national literature of the United States and Canada, as settlers struggled to create a new identity for themselves that melded their European heritage with their new, North American frontier surroundings. In this interdisciplinary volume, Colleen E. Boyd and Coll Thrush bring together scholars from a variety of fields to discuss this North American fascination with “the phantom Native American.” 
Phantom Past, Indigenous Presence explores the importance of ancestral spirits and historic places in Indigenous and settler communities as they relate to territory and history—in particular cultural, political, social, historical, and environmental contexts. From examinations of how individuals reacted to historical cases of “hauntings,” to how Native phantoms have functioned in the literature of North Americans, to interdisciplinary studies of how such beliefs and narratives allowed European settlers and Indigenous people to make sense of the legacies of colonialism and conquest, these essays show how the past and the present are intertwined through these stories.

Colleen E. Boyd is an associate professor of anthropology at Ball State University. Her articles have appeared in Ethnohistory, Journal of Northwest Anthropology, and in edited volumes. Coll Thrush is an associate professor of history at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of Native Seattle: Histories from the Crossing-Over Place.
Contributors: Colleen E. Boyd, Michelle Burnham, Victoria Freeman, Geneva M. Gano, C. Jill Grady, Sarah Schneider Kavanagh, Cynthia Landrum, Allan K. McDougall, Coll Thrush, Lisa Philips Valentine, and Adam John Waterman.

Publication of this volume was assisted by a grant from Ball State University.

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