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Sarah Laughed, Sarah Laughed, 0827609280, 0-8276-0928-0, 978-0-8276-0928-0, 9780827609280, Vanessa L. Ochs , , Sarah Laughed, 0827611307, 0-8276-1130-7, 978-0-8276-1130-6, 9780827611306, Vanessa L. Ochs

Sarah Laughed
Modern Lessons from the Wisdom and Stories of Biblical Women
Vanessa L. Ochs

2011. 250 pp.
$16.00 t

In this vivid collection, Judaic scholar Vanessa L. Ochs brings the legends of the biblical matriarchs to new life. Intimate, familiar, and wise, the heroines in Sarah Laughed are revealed to be inspiring role models for women today. From Eve’s rebellious taste of wisdom to the righteous anger of Job’s wife, each woman’s story is retold in imaginative prose and accompanied by real-life rituals that can help us gain insight into:

• Finding inner wisdom
• Speaking the true self
• Being a good friend
• Maintaining romantic partnerships
• Raising a family

Vanessa L. Ochs is the Isa and Nathan Kolodiz Director of Jewish Studies at the University of Virginia and the 2007 National Jewish Book Award winning author of Inventing Jewish Ritual.

“Ochs offers readers a rare treat--fine scholarship combined with inspirational connections to life in the modern world.”—Jewish Book World


“With warmth, erudition and a very contemporary sensibility, Ochs offers reflections on the lives of Old Testament matriarchs that should appeal to women across religious lines”—Publishers Weekly

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