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Sisters at Sinai, Sisters at Sinai, 0827608063, 0-8276-0806-3, 978-0-8276-0806-1, 9780827608061, Jill Hammer , , Sisters at Sinai, 0827607261, 0-8276-0726-1, 978-0-8276-0726-2, 9780827607262, Jill Hammer

Sisters at Sinai
Jill Hammer

2004. 256 pp.
$20.00 t
2004. 978-0-8276-0726-2
$24.95 t
Out of Print

This is an exceptional anthology of 24 stories about the women in the Bible. Drawing from the ancient tradition of midrash, the author brings to life the inner world and the experiences of these women, weaving rabbinic legends and her own imagination into the biblical texts. Readers will discover Lilith—not as the night demon alluded to in Isaiah, but as another aspect of Eve herself. Sarah is a moon priestess and as great a prophet as Abraham. Miriam is not merely a figure of song and dance, but also one of revelation, a source of Torah. These stories were written to give biblical women the honor they deserve—due to them as prophets, rulers, and teachers. The Introduction to Sisters at Sinai offers the rationale and the need for midrash - the writing in the margins - expressing how it can be liberating as well as deeply comforting. Perfect for women’s studies courses, adult study groups, confirmation classes and book groups.
Rabbi Jill Hammer is the author of The Jewish Book of Days (a 2006 National Jewish Book Award Finalist) and Sisters at Sinai.

"Hammer breathes a woman's breath into ancient narratives . . . her collection of new midrashim draws on her knowledge of the Bible, the rich tradition of classical midrash, and on her own imagination."—Lilith

"[Sisters at Sinai] offers creative interpretations of the women of the Bible, infusing the stories with fresh insights and perspectives."—Jewish News of Greater Phoenix

"These diverse tales draw upon Judaic traditions and understandings regarding the human condition as surely as the scriptures that inspired them. Highly recommended reading."—Bookwatch

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