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The Soccer Diaries, The Soccer Diaries, 0803240473, 0-8032-4047-3, 978-0-8032-4047-6, 9780803240476, Michael J. Agovino, , The Soccer Diaries, 0803255659, 0-8032-5565-9, 978-0-8032-5565-4, 9780803255654, Michael J. Agovino, , The Soccer Diaries, 0803255667, 0-8032-5566-7, 978-0-8032-5566-1, 9780803255661, Michael J. Agovino, , The Soccer Diaries, 0803255675, 0-8032-5567-5, 978-0-8032-5567-8, 9780803255678, Michael J. Agovino

The Soccer Diaries
An American’s Thirty-Year Pursuit of the International Game
Michael J. Agovino

2014. 312 pp.
$26.95 t

Although soccer had long been the world’s game when Michael J. Agovino first encountered it in 1982, here it was just a poor cousin to American football, to be found on obscure UHF channels and in foreign magazines. But as Agovino himself passionately pursued soccer, Americans got wise and turned it into one of the most popular sports in the country. Agovino’s love affair with soccer is a portrait of the game’s culture and an intimate history of the sport’s coming of age in the United States.

Agovino’s quest takes him from the unkempt field in the Bronx where he taught himself to play to some of the sport’s most storied venues and historic matches. With Agovino we travel from school fields to Giants Stadium, then from England to Germany, Italy, and Spain, along the way taking in the final days of the North American Soccer League, the 1994 World Cup, and the birth of Major League Soccer. Offering the perspective of fan, player, and journalist, Agovino chronicles his obsession with the sport and its phenomenal evolution. 

Michael J. Agovino is the author of The Bookmaker: A Memoir of Money, Luck, and Family from the Utopian Outskirts of New York City.

"Agovino's passion rings clear throughout this well-written book."—Kirkus

"Agovino (The Bookmaker, 2008) clearly wants to make his own contribution to the canon, and now he has one, a thoughtful and enjoyable narrative of his passion for the game."—Keir Graff, Booklist

"[Agovino's] ability to tell about his journey from a variety of perspectives (fan, player, and journalist) and experiences is the reason why this is one of the top soccer titles."—International Soccer Network

"Agovino leaves the reader with a deep understanding of the growth of soccer fandom in the United States from the 1980s through 2012. Well written and engaging, Agovino's text is a valuable addition to a burgeoning American soccer canon that will continue to grow with the sport's popularity."—Matthew S. Tettleton, Aethlon

“For those who admire the beautiful game, this is an intimate and wonderfully written account of a sport that is increasingly shaking America’s soul out.” —Colum McCann, National Book Award Winner and author of Let The Great World Spin and Dancer

“More than just one man’s thirty year obsession with the sport, The Soccer Diaries is also the American odyssey of the sport itself, from the obscurity of late night cable channels to the so-called respectability of literary magazines and blogs, all told in the very personal voice of an author often unsure about the journey both he and the game are on, torn between his desire to share football with the whole world and his fear of its dilution in its saturation. In short, The Soccer Diaries is the incredible journey of the beautiful game over the last three decades. And it’s an education for even the most fanatical of supporters.”—David Peace, author of The Damned Utd and Red or Dead

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