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The Song of Songs, The Song of Songs, 082760811X, 0-8276-0811-X, 978-0-8276-0811-5, 9780827608115, Debra Band

The Song of Songs
The Honeybee in the Garden
Debra Band

2005. 160 pp.
$75.00 t

The Song of Songs has provided generations with some of the most passionate and most lasting love poetry ever recorded. And because of that passion, it has also been a source of lasting controversy and debate. What exactly is the true meaning of these 117 verses—a celebration of romantic love, or an allegory of divine love and redemption? In The Song of Songs: The Honeybee in the Garden, author and artist Debra Band presents a breathtakingly beautiful illuminated work in which these two lines of interpretation are harmonized within a stunning visual context. Her fine calligraphy and striking artwork are like The Song of Songs itself, both literal and allegorical, sensuous and spiritual.

This lovingly produced volume contains 65 full-page illuminations and beautifully crafted papercuts. The illuminations draw upon classic rabbinic texts and modern scholarship, creating both visual beauty and a new visual midrash on this beloved poetry. The art is accompanied by the artist’s interpretation of the images, and it includes the Bible text in its original Hebrew, next to both the JPS English translation and the new David Band translation. The preface, by Raymond Scheindlin, eminent scholar of medieval Hebrew literature at The Jewish Theological Seminary, provides the framework for truly understanding Band’s artistic achievement and scholarly contribution.

This work, hailed as a masterpiece by art-lovers and scholars across the world, is an art-book collector’s delight, a Bible devotee’s treasure, and a magnificent gift for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Debra Band is the author and illustrator of The Song of Songs: The Honeybee in the Garden and the forthcoming I Will Wake the Dawn: Illuminated Psalms.

"Band's great accomplishment has been to create art—skilled, erudite and sensual—and commentary that give us the bigger picture."—Hadassah Magazine

"If you're looking for a beautiful . . . book to give as a gift, or just to love forever as a piece of treasured art in your home, get the extravagantly beautiful The Song of Songs: The Honeybee in the Garden, . . . containing some of the most gorgeous illuminated paintings I've ever seen."—Florida Heritage Jewish News

"A beautifully illustrated exploration and analysis of the true meaning of the [Song of Songs] . . . . especially recommended for students of Torah and . . . for synagogue and community library Judaic Studies collections."—Bookwatch

"The Honeybee in the Garden is a visual delight from beginning to end."—Jewish Book World

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