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A Journal of Narrative Studies
 Edited by Andreea Deciu Ritivoi and David R. Shumway

Individual U.S. Subscription-1 yr
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ISSN  1946-2204

Available Electronically Through:

Available Electronically Through:

Storyworlds is an interdisciplinary journal of narrative theory. Featuring cutting-edge research on storytelling practices across a variety of media, including face-to-face interaction, literary writing, film and television, virtual environments, historiography, journalism, and graphic narratives, the journal foregrounds research questions that cut across established disciplines--and hence promotes new, integrative frameworks for inquiry. How do narrative ways of worldmaking differ from other representational practices used to construct or reconstruct worlds, in a broad sense? What constraints and affordances do particular storytelling media bring to the process of building narrative worlds? What tools are needed to characterize, in all its richness and complexity, the experience of inhabiting a narrative world in a given medium or across different media?


Special Issue: Transmedial Worlds in Convergent Media Culture

Guest Editor’s Column
Jan-Noël Thon

Transmedia Storytelling: Industry Buzzword or New Narrative Experience?
Marie-Laure Ryan

Converging Worlds: From Transmedial Storyworlds to Transmedial Universes
Jan-Noël Thon

Closing the Open Signification: Forms of Transmedial Storyworlds and Chronotopoi in Comics
Stephan Packard

“This Makes No Sense At All”: Heterarchy in Fictional Universes
Rüdiger Heinze

A Truth Universally Acknowledged? Pride and Prejudice and Mind-Reading Fans
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth

Layering Engagement: The Temporal Dynamics of Transmedia Television
Elizabeth Evans


Guidelines for Authors
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