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Fall/Winter 2015 e-catalog
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Studies in American Indian Literatures
Edited by Chadwick Allen

Individual U.S. Subscription-1 yr
Individual Foreign Subscription-1 yr
Institution U.S. Subscription-1 yr
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ISSN  0730-3238

Available Electronically Through:

Available Electronically Through:

Studies in American Indian Literatures (SAIL) is the only journal in the United States that focuses exclusively on American Indian literatures. With a wide scope of scholars and creative contributors, this journal is on the cutting edge of activity in the field. SAIL invites the submission of scholarly, critical pedagogical, and theoretical manuscripts focused on any aspect of American Indian literatures as well as the submission of bibliographical essays, review essays, and interviews. SAIL defines "literatures" broadly to include all written, spoken, and visual texts created by Native peoples.

Back issues are now available for purchase online.  To see the list of available issues, click on either the "Individual" or "Institution" option box above and select "Single Issue".  (If the issue you want isn't listed, it may still be available for order by phone, so please call.)

From the Editor

Voicing the Bones: Heid Erdrich’s Poetry and the Discourse of NAGPRA
Karen M. Poremski

The Duration of the Land: The Queerness of Spacetime in Sundown
Mark Rifkin

“We’re All the Same People”? The (A)Politics of the Body in Sherman Alexie’s Flight
Kerry Boland
Review Essay

Bowman Books: A Gathering Place for Indigenous New England
Siobhan Senier

Book Reviews
James W. Parins. Literacy and Intellectual Life in the Cherokee Nation, 1820–1907
Kirby Brown

Jace Weaver. The Red Atlantic: American Indigenes and the Making of the Modern World, 1000–1927
Eric Hinderaker

Melanie Benson Taylor. Reconstructing the Native South: American Indian Literature and the Lost Cause
Eric Gary Anderson

James H. Cox. The Red Land to the South: American Indian Writers and Indigenous Mexico
David Martínez

Contributor Biographies
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