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Fall/Winter 2015 e-catalog
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Spring/Summer 2015 e-catalog
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Gettysburg Magazine
 Edited by James S. Pula

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ISSN  2372-6059

Read this important message from the University of Nebraska Press about the magazine's transition process.

The University of Nebraska Press is proud to announce that Professor James S. Pula of Purdue University will be the new editor beginning with Issue 50. He is currently accepting submissions for future issues. Information about submitting articles for consideration is available by clicking the "Submission and Book Review Guidelines and Contacts" link at left; the information will appear in a box below.

Browse the back issues, most of which we have in stock. Order 11-30 separate back issues and receive a 25% discount on each. Order 31 or more separate back issues and receive a 40% discount.

Established in 1989, The Gettysburg Magazine® publishes accessible and engaging works of original scholarship concerning the battle and campaign of Gettysburg. Serving a community comprised of both professional academics and independent scholars alike, the magazine showcases a broad array of historical, field, and personal essays, as well as features considering primary documents and first-hand accounts from battle participants, art, and photography of and from the site.

Issue 52 (January 2015)


A Most Desperate Hour: 6:45 p.m.–7:45 p.m. July 2, 1863: The Federal Counterattack along the Emmitsburg Road
John Michael Priest

The Railroad Cut Reconsidered
Robert W. Sledge

Lee: In Search of the Decisive Battle at Gettysburg
Michael J. Forsyth

Location Verification: Siting Tyson’s 1863 Photograph of Camp Letterman General Hospital
Tom Danninger

A Pioneer Remembers Gettysburg
Louis Fischer

Who Engaged First?
Compiled by James S. Pula

Human Interest Stories
X Marks the Spot: The Fate of Two Confederate Artillerymen in the Second Richmond Howitzers
Thomas L. Elmore

The Angel of the Wheatfield
J. Keith Jones

If You Want to Go: History Is, as History Was
Sonny Fulks

The Place Where Pickett Charged: A Southerner's Lament
Neal Allan Olmstead
Also of Interest

Busy in the Cause
Lowell J. Soike

Scientific Way of War
Ian Clarence Hope

Ross Coen

Stolen Words
Mark Glickman