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The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley, The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley, 0803267479, 0-8032-6747-9, 978-0-8032-6747-3, 9780803267473, Loren Eiseley Edited and with a reminiscence by Kenneth Heuer Sketches by Leslie Morrill

The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley
Loren Eiseley
Edited and with a reminiscence by Kenneth Heuer
Sketches by Leslie Morrill

2002. 285 pp.
$18.95 s

This indispensable collection is filled with marvelous autobiographical glimpses of Loren Eiseley at different points in his life-as a young, inquisitive man during the Depression, as an astute archaeologist, as a blossoming writer, and lastly, as a world-renowned observer and essayist. Also included are poems, short stories, an array of Eiseley's absorbing observations on the natural world, and his always startling reflections on the nature and future of humankind and the universe.

Loren Eiseley's many works include The Night Country, The Invisible Pyramid, The Firmament of Time, and All the Strange Hours, all available in Bison Books editions. Kenneth Heuer was Eiseley's longtime friend and editor.

"As this posthumous collection verifies, Eiseley has rightly been called 'the modern Thoreau.'"—Publishers Weekly

"This volume contains much that Eiseley devotees will be grateful for, from the useful biographical overviews. . . . to the extensive and enlightening glimpses it affords into the intellectual and emotional workshop of one of the most original and influential American essayists of this century."—New York Times Book Review

"Eiseley's great genius for the art of the word coupled with a poetic insight into the connection between science and humanism shines through in page after page. . . . This is a book that will be read and quoted and whose pages will grow thin with wear from hands in continued search of new meaning within its words and images."—Los Angeles Times

"It is a joy, like finding a lost Rembrandt in the attic, to discover that Eiseley left behind a legacy."—San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle

"The best preparation a devoted reader could have for rereading the works of this author. . . . Provide[s] depth, substance, and plenty of room for further exploration. . . .The notebooks are a wonderful way to see a mind at work. . . . Carefully selected and edited by Kenneth Heuer, Eiseley's editor at Scribners, these notes, jottings, musings, and beginnings and endings will enhance any dedicated reader's knowledge of this most remarkable literary naturalist. . . . [T]hey provide more than a glimpse into Eiseley's mind and imagination."—The Bloomsbury Review

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