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Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog
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The Undecidable Unconscious
A Journal of Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis
 Edited by Alan Bass. Managing editor, Jared Russell.

Individual U.S. Subscription-1 yr
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Institution Foreign Subscription-1 yr
ISSN  2328-4048

Deconstruction—the analysis and transformation of metaphysics—intersects with psychoanalysis. Both are engaged with thinking beyond consciousness. This new journal is a forum for those working at the borders of these two disciplines. Its name, The Undecidable Unconscious, refers to the broadest aspect of psychoanalysis—the theory of unconscious processes—and to Derrida's thinking about undecidability—the irreducible oscillation and chance of non-metaphysical processes. The name, then, speaks of psychoanalysis as deconstruction. It also invites opening to all fields in which undecidability is at stake. Hence the journal seeks contributions from all disciplines informed by deconstruction and psychoanalysis. Its aim is to enrich, to expand, to change: deconstruction, psychoanalysis, and everything that they touch upon.

Volume 3, Number 1 (2016)


Call for Papers

Derrida’s Psychoanalysis
  René Major, Translated by Jared Russell 
A Conversation with Judith Butler
   Rosaura Martínez Ruiz

Woman as Man’s Uncanny Object: A Discussion Following Freud and Lacan
  Itzhak Benyamini

Lacan, Barthes, Bataille,and the Meaning of the Eye– – or Gaze
  Tim Themi
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