Wildflowers of the Western Plains


Wildflowers of the Western Plains

A Field Guide

Zoe Merriman Kirkpatrick
Forewords by Benny J. Simpson and David K. Northington
Drawings by Phillis Unbehagen

264 pages
247 color images; 2 b&w images; 15 line drawings; 1 color map


September 2008


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About the Book

Stretching from western Texas and eastern New Mexico up through Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, and into Canada, the vast western plains often appear sparse and dry to the casual observer. But a closer look, especially after spring rains, discerns flowers of all colors, sizes, shapes, and fragrances. These forgotten flowers, never before the main focus of a field guide, come into bloom in Wildflowers of the Western Plains.
Organized by plant family, the guide presents 186 species of wildflowers, accompanied by vivid color photographs. Each entry includes both the Latin and the common names and a description of the plant, flower, fruit, and range. As a special feature, the guide includes Native American botanical folklore, legends pertaining to the wildflowers, and medicinal uses of native plants. The author's personal observations and occasional recipes round out this delightful array of information.

Author Bio

Zoe Merriman Kirkpatrick, a Texas naturalist, has been studying and photographing western wildflowers for more than twenty-five years. Her public slide shows have increased people's awareness of the beauty and fragility of the western plains and generated many requests for a field guide to these remarkable flowers.


"Dreamers, as well as those living in or trekking through the western Great Plains, a region from eastern Montana and the western Dakotas south to West Texas, will put this delightful volume to good use."—Diane M. Calabrese, American References Books Annual

Table of Contents

Map of the Western Plains
Foreword by Benny J. Simpson
Foreword by David K. Northington
Guide to Plant Names and Plant Families
ACANTHACEAE - Acanthus Family
ALISMATACEAE - Water Plantain Family
AMARYLLIDACEAE - Amaryllis or Daffodil Family
ASCLEPIADACEAE  - Milkweed Family
BERBERIDACEAE - Barberry Family
BORAGINACEAE - Borage or Forget-me-not Family
CACTACEAE - Cactus Family
CAMPANULACEAE - Bluebell or Lobelia Family
CAPPARIDACEAE - Caper or Spiderflower Family
CHENOPODIACEAE - Goosefoot Family
COMMELINACEAE - Spiderwort Family
COMPOSITAE (ASTERACEAE) - Daisy, Sunflower, or Aster Family
CONVOLVULACEAE - Morning Glory Family
CUCURBITACEAE - Gourd or Melon Family
EPHEDRACEAE - Ephedra Family
FUMARIACEAE - Bleeding Heart Family
GENTIANACEAE - Gentian Family
GERANIACEAE - Geranium Family
HYDROPHYLLACEAE - Waterleaf Family
IRIDACEAE - Iris Family
KRAMERIACEAE - Rhatany Family
LEGUMINOSAE (FABACEAE) - Legume, Bean, or Pea Family
LILIACEAE - Lily Family
LINACEAE - Flax Family
LOASACEAE - Stick-leaf Family
MALVACEAE - Mallow Family
MARTYNIACEAE - Unicorn Plant Family
NYCTAGINACEAE - Four-o'clock Family
NYMPHAEACEAE - Water Lily Family
ONAGRACEAE - Evening Primrose Family
ORCHIDACEAE - Orchid Family
OXALIDACEAE - Wood Sorrel Family
PLANTAGINACEAE - Plantain Family
POLYGALACEAE - Milkwort Family
POLYGONACEAE - Knotweed or Smartweed Family
PORTULACACEAE - Purslane Family
RANUNCULACEAE - Buttercup or Crowfoot Family
ROSACEAE - Rose Family
RUBIACEAE - Coffee, Bluet, or Madder Family
SCROPHULARIACEAE - Snapdragon Family
SOLANACEAE - Potato or Nightshade Family
TAMARICACEAE - Tamarisk Family
VERBENACEAE - Vervain Family
Illustrated Glossary

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