More Than Winning


More Than Winning

The Story of Tom Osborne

Tom Osborne
With John E. Roberts
Introduction by Tom Osborne

192 pages
31 photographs


September 2009


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About the Book

At age twenty-eight, when Tom Osborne agreed to join Bob Devaney’s full-time coaching staff at the University of Nebraska, he resolved to be a head coach by the time he reached age thirty-five. Little did he know that this goal would chart his course toward becoming one of the nation’s premier football coaches. Six years later in 1972, Devaney named Osborne as head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
In high school and college, Osborne had been an outstanding athlete in his own right. He went on to play professional football and to earn his master’s and doctorate degrees in educational psychology. Throughout all these years in sports and academics, he was developing his unusual and inspiring philosophy of coaching, which above all emphasizes the process of athletics.
In More Than Winning, Osborne gives an in-depth personal account of his life—the forces that shaped his values, his own accomplishments in sports, and his experiences as a coach at Nebraska. He describes his philosophy of coaching, shares personal perspectives on football greats, and gives his view of key Nebraska games up through the 1984 Orange Bowl.

Author Bio

Tom Osborne was head coach of the University of Nebraska football team for twenty-five years, during which time the Huskers won three national championships. After he retired from coaching in 1997, Osborne served Nebraska’s third district in the House of Representatives for six years. He now works as the athletic director at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
John E. Roberts is the executive director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association and has also served as the executive vice president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Coming Up Short Again
1. The Effect of Fine Persons
2. Growing Up
3. Discovered in the Mineral Water Bowl
4. Survival
5. Getting off the Fence
6. Following a Legend
7. Silenceing the Critics (a Little)
8. Getting the Monkey off Our Back . . . and on It Again
9. Staying Put
10. The Quarterbacks
11. The Ideal Athlete
12. The Linemen
13. The Heisman Trophy Winners
14. The Booker Brown Affair
15. Slowing Down
16. More Than One Person
17. A Crash Course in Flying
18. National Championships and Other Vagaries
19. The Nebraska Cycle
20. More Than Winning
21. A Difficult Road to Walk
Epilogue: Honoring Him

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