The Cattlemen


The Cattlemen

From the Rio Grande across the Far Marias

Second Edition

Mari Sandoz
Introduction by Ron Hull

552 pages


May 2010


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January 2013


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About the Book

The Cattlemen is the story of the cattle industry in America and of the men whose ranches reached from the Rio Grande into Montana, from the early Spanish days to Mari Sandoz’s contemporary times. It is the second in Sandoz’s trilogy of books narrating the history of the American West in relation to animal species.

Author Bio

Mari Sandoz (1896–1966) is the noted author of Old JulesThe Buffalo Hunters, and The Beaver Men: Spearheads of Empire, all available in Bison Books editions. Ron Hull, president emeritus of the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society, is senior advisor to Nebraska Educational Telecommunications and professor emeritus of broadcasting at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


“This thundering book by the author of Old Jules is the story of the vast cattle industry of the American West; stupendous in length, concept, and achievement, it is the result of a lifetime of knowledge and research. . . . The whole story is here, long but never dull, written with humor and understatement.”—Kirkus

“Here, tough as whang leather, nourishing as pemmican, turbulent as Dodge City on a Saturday night in the late 1870s, is what time may well decide is the definitive history of the founding and flourishing of the cattle industry on this continent. . . . This splendid book says more (and says it better) about the most romantic figures of the old West than dozens of other books that have ranged over this familiar ground. Mari Sandoz has given herself room to move with tremendous drive and scholarship.”—Victor P. Hass, Chicago Sunday Tribune

“Drawing the fullest flavor from her expert descriptive technique, Mari Sandoz has written a regional history to stand among the best of its kind.”—Library Journal

"[The Cattlemen] is full of colorful anecdotes, many from the 19th Century, and holds fascination for anyone interested in cattle drives, cattle ranching, or the Wild West."—Kirk Zebolsky, Omaha Literature Examiner

Table of Contents

Book I. The Reluctant Immigrant
1. First Cow upon the Plains
2. Noble Ancestry
3. The Cow Walks Again
Book II. Individual Ranch Spreads
1. Some Dedicated Men
2. Pulling for New Grass
3. The Moving Trails
4. The Indian Summer of Old Dodge
5. Deepening Dedication
Book III. Organizations, Corporations, and Buggy Bosses
1. Desciples under the Oak and the Cottonwood
2. The Bonanza
3. The Big Die-Ups
4. The National Trail
5. Of the Giants -- The XIT
Book IV. Private Empire
1. The Threat
2. Stetsoned Crusaders
3. Scattered to the Winds
4. Cow Horse and Betting Blood
5. Kings of the Fenced Range
Book V. Beef Factories and Festivals
1. New Breed--
2. Ritual and Restoration

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