Playing Catch-Up


Playing Catch-Up

A. B. Guthrie Jr.

192 pages


October 2010


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About the Book

Small-town Montana sheriff Chick Charleston and his highly educated sidekick, Jason Beard, star again in this fourth installation of Guthrie’s Montana murder mysteries.
This time Jason is helping the sheriff solve the murder of a call girl, and his first step involves him in the unwelcome necessity of interviewing the local madam, whose view of the town is extensive and rather unusual. It also involves him with various drifters and cranks, as well as with the uncooperative police of the neighboring oil town of Overthrust. Weaving a story set against a broad western landscape—from the raw and cheerful locales of the Bar Star and The Gusher to the grand, wide-open spaces—Guthrie’s touch is unerring.

Author Bio

A. B. Guthrie Jr. (1901–91) was a historian and novelist whose 1949 book The Way West won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Playing Catch-Up is a sequel to his three earlier works, Wild Pitch, The Genuine Article, and No Second Wind, all available in Bison Books editions.


“Humor, suspense, logic, and entertainment in nice amounts.”—Publishers Weekly

“A lean, muscular yarn with two very engaging heroes, a mildly involved plot, and a clear-headed style that reminds the reader of the Montana spring in which the story is set. Young Jason, whom we first saw as a gawky high school ballplayer, has grown up into a man to be reckoned with.”—James Sherburne, author of the Paddy Moretti mysteries

Playing Catch-Up was a special joy. . . . Guthrie is an American treasure, an authentic Great Writer standing trunk and torso above his closest challengers.”—Loren D. Estleman, author of the Amos Walker mysteries

"Guthrie's strengths include well-sketched characters, a sure sense of place and milieu, and a tale that hangs together well. In short, it's entertainment of a high order that's good to see back in print."—Dennis Drabelle, Washington Post

Table of Contents

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