Murder in the Cotswolds


Murder in the Cotswolds

A. B. Guthrie Jr.

208 pages


May 2011


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About the Book

In the latest in his series of light-hearted stories, A. B. Guthrie transplants Midbury, Montana, sleuth Chick Charleston to a brand-new setting, a quiet English village in the Cotswolds. Chick and his wife, Geeta, are vacationing at the Ram’s Head Inn, a quaint hotel in beautiful Upper Beechwood, where Geeta plans to trace her ancestors, but when an unpopular guest checks out early with a knife in his back, Chick gets involved in the search for the killer.
Accustomed to the authority of a badge, Chick unfortunately can only assist with the investigation being run by Detective Chief Inspector Fred Perkins and his vindictive supervisor, Superintendent Hawley, whose style of police work doesn’t always agree with Chick’s. But Chick’s Montana experience and good common sense serve him well as he unravels more than one English mystery.
Full of the quirky characters and dry wit for which Guthrie is famous, Murder in the Cotswolds is a welcome addition to the series that the Cleveland Plain Dealer has called “just about perfect of its kind.”

Author Bio

A. B. Guthrie Jr. (1901–91) was a historian and novelist whose 1949 book The Way West won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Murder in the Cotswolds is the fifth and final book in his Chick Charleston series, which includes Wild Pitch, The Genuine Article, No Second Wind, and Playing Catch-Up, all available in Bison Books editions.


“Limpid prose, tidy plot, and comfy atmosphere with American characters added make this a joy to read.”—Library Journal

“Guthrie is a literary artist. . . . The characters are as real as your neighbors.”—Kansas City Star

“A tightly plotted, beautifully worked-out example of the detective story.”—New York Times Book Review

“Guthrie provides humor, suspense, logic, and entertainment in nice amounts.”—Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents

[no TOC; 24 numbered chapters]

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