Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food


Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food

Edited by Leslie A. Duram

504 pages
27 illustrations, 3 tables, 1 chronology, 4 appendixes


April 2011


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About the Book

In 2009 First Lady Michelle Obama established an organic vegetable garden at the White House, reflecting the impact and popularity of the “green” food movement at even the highest levels. Global sales of organic products topped $23 billion in 2008 and have been growing 20 to 25 percent annually for the past decade.
The Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food pulls together a fascinating array of diverse, interdisciplinary topics to provide a thorough overview of our current alternative food system. With increasing attention focused on organic and local food, many people are attracted to these sustainable food choices. This encyclopedia explores social concerns, economic trends, policy influences, and ecological terms in a single, comprehensive volume.
The Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food features
• More than 140 comprehensive, A-to-Z entries covering all aspects of organic food and farming, local food production and consumption, and sustainable food initiatives
• A chronology of the years 1860–2009 detailing the history and evolution of organic and local food, including more than forty events
• Twenty-six photographs depicting current themes in sustainable farming and organic/local food
• A bibliography listing key references for readers who wish to further investigate a specific theme

Author Bio

Leslie A. Duram is a professor and chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Resources at Southern Illinois University–Carbondale. She is the author of Good Growing: Why Organic Farming Works, available in a Bison Books edition, as well as numerous research articles.


“This important book encourages readers to look to the past as well as the future by getting involved in their local food community. A wonderful addition to a range of collections.”—Library Journal

“The encyclopedia is both easy to read and comprehend.”—Booklist

"Duram's Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable, and Local Food is a valuable collection for the green food movement. . . . The potential readership is large, and the book is appropriate for anyone interested in where our food comes from and the challenges that face modern agriculture."—Theodore Rend Barton, Gastronomica

Table of Contents

List of Entries
Topical List of Entries
The Encyclopedia
Appendix 1: Report and Recommendations on Organic Farming, 1980
Appendix 2: Organic Foods Production Act of 1990
Appendix 3: U.S. Organic Farming Emerges in the 1990s: Adoption of Certified Systems, 2001
Appendix 4: Recent Growth Patterns in the U.S. Organic Foods Market, 2002
Selected Bibliography
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