The Gentle Tamers


The Gentle Tamers

Women of the Old Wild West

Dee Brown

335 pages


September 1981


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About the Book

All aspects of western feminine life, which include a good deal about the western male, are covered in this lively, informal but soundly factual account of the women who built the West. Among those whose stories are included are Elizabeth Custer; Lola Montez, Ann Eliza Young, Josephine Meeker, Carry Nation, Esther Morris, and Virginia Reed.

Author Bio

Dee Brown is author of numerous books including Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. The Fetterman Massacre and The Galvanized Yankees are both available as Bison Books.


"The promise implicit in the title of this book is not broken. Mr. Brown has assembled a notable collection of women who took part in the migrations westward, mostly in the period of 1850–1880, and presents them, often with enthusiasm and always with sympathy. . . . I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Brown's book."—Stewart Holbrook, New York Herald Tribune Books

"Underlying the book's fascinating comedy and pathos and terror, there is a sociological overtone. Mr. Brown shows that the reactions of these women to their frontier experience were as important as male reactions in the development of American mores and American democracy."—Marshall Sprague, New York Times Book Review

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