The Horse and Buggy Doctor


The Horse and Buggy Doctor

Arthur E. Hertzler

322 pages


August 1970


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December 2013


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"The Horse and Buggy Doctor follows no conventional lines. In larger part it is a book rich in anecdotes, a lively and somewhat rough-and-ready depiction of the country physician's experiences in general and Dr. Hertzler's in particular. In part it is descriptive of medical methods of the period."—New York Times

"This is almost an autobiography. Certainly it is the complete picture of a man. And the man is worth looking at."—Saturday Review of Literature

"An honest and objective self-record that puts on paper one of the most beloved traditions of the past and shows that the fundamental virtues for which the country doctor was cherished have survived into the scientific present, while many not-so-good aspects of sentimental old days have fortunately been left behind."—Books

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