By Cheyenne Campfires


By Cheyenne Campfires

George Bird Grinnell
Foreword by Omer C. Stewart

309 pages


October 1971


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About the Book

Here are the folk tales of the Cheyenne--stories of their heroes, their wars, their relationships with supernatural powers--as told to George Bird Grinnell during the winter months in Cheyenne tipis. "Of all the books written about Indians," say Margaret Mead and Ruth L. Benzel in The Golden Age of American Anthropology, "none comes closer to their everyday life than Grinnell's classic monograph on the Cheyenne. Reading it, one can smell the buffalo grass and the wood fires, feel the heavy morning dew on the prairie."


"To read such a book as this collection of Cheyenne folklore is to realize anew and more vividly the tragedy of the passing of the Indian race and to feel for it a heightened interest and regret."—New York Times

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