The Earp Brothers of Tombstone


The Earp Brothers of Tombstone

The Story of Mrs. Virgil Earp

Frank Waters

247 pages


April 1976


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December 2013


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About the Book

The Earp Brothers of Tombstone and the famous fight at the O. K. Corral are well known to American history and even better known to American legend. This composite biography of Wyatt, Morgan, Virgil, James, and Warner Earp is based on the recollections of Mrs. Virgil Earp, dictated to the author in the 1930s, and amplified by documents he unearthed in 1959. In his review of the book for Library Journal, W. S. Wallace stated that he considered The Earp Brothers of Tombstone "the most authoritative account ever to be published on the subject."

Author Bio

Since he began his writing career in 1935, Frank Waters has published many books, among them The Man Who Killed the Deer, The Colorado in the Rivers of America series, Book of the Hopi, and Mexico Mystique.


"A particularly interesting piece of Americana which will appeal especially to readers of westerns in spite of the fact that it topples several television and folklore idols."—Booklist

"The dashing legend surrounding the Earp brothers—Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan—has been debunked before, but not from this special feminine viewpoint. . . . Yet if he has deflated one dream, Waters, unlike most debunkers, has offered a pleasant vision in its place: that of a gay, gallant old lady in her rocking chair, dreaming of corn-tall buffalo grass and a dead, handsome lover."—Time

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