The Truth About Geronimo


The Truth About Geronimo

Britton Davis
Edited by M. M. Quaife
Foreword by Robert M. Utley

263 pages
Illus., maps


June 1976


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About the Book

Britton Davis's account of the controversial "Geronimo Campaign" of 1885–86 offers an important firsthand picture of the famous Chiricahua warrior and the men who finally forced his surrender. Davis knew most of the people involved in the campaign and was himself in charge of Indian scouts, some of whom helped hunt down the small band of fugitives Robert M. Utley's foreword reevaluates the account for the modern reader and establishes its historical background.


"Although Geronimo is the main character in this book, the reader also is given a valuable insight into the lives of the Apache nation as a whole. The descriptive writing style allows the reader to project himself into each event and feel as if 'he were there.'"—Military Review

"A valuable contribution to our knowledge of the Apaches, [the book] throws light upon many incidents in the career of Geronimo which have hitherto been obscure."—American Historical Review

"Much more interesting than any fiction ever written about Indians . . . a book that no one who is making a study of American Indians can afford to miss."—Saturday Review

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