Gullivar of Mars


Gullivar of Mars

Edwin L. Arnold
With a new introduction by Richard A. Lupoff
Afterword by Gary Hoppenstand
Illustrations by Thomas Floyd

Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series

195 pages


March 2003


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About the Book

“Oh, I wish I were anywhere but here, anywhere out of this redtape-ridden world of ours! I wish I were in the planet Mars!
Whisked away to the legendary red planet, the intrepid Lieutenant Gullivar Jones is caught up in the adventure of a lifetime. To win the love of a beautiful princess, he fights his way across a dying and savage planet of desolate cities, lost races, utopian societies, and the haunting and unforgettable River of Death.
This classic, influential tale of Mars, written in the utopian tradition of H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine, is also considered a possible inspiration for the immortal Barsoom of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both reflective and imaginative, Gullivar of Mars celebrates the acuity and storytelling power of science fiction writers of the early twentieth century and continues to influence writers and to entertain readers today.
This commemorative edition includes the full text of the classic 1905 edition, a new introduction by Richard A. Lupoff, an illustration by Thomas Floyd, and an afterword by Gary Hoppenstand.

Author Bio

Edwin L. Arnold (1857–1935) was the author of several books, including Lepidus the Centurion: A Roman of Today. Richard A. Lupoff is the author of Claremont Tales and Circumpolar: A Novel. Gary Hoppenstand is a professor of American thought and language at Michigan State University. He is the author of Clive Barker’s Short Stories: Imagination as Metaphor in the Books of Blood and Other Works and the editor of Popular Fiction: An Anthology, which won the Popular Culture Association’s National Book Award.

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