Good Things


Good Things

Jane Grigson

At Table Series

396 pages


November 2006


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About the Book

A celebration of fresh daily fare lovingly prepared.
“Cooking something delicious is really much more satisfactory than painting pictures or making pottery. At least for most of us. Food has the tact to disappear, leaving room and opportunity for masterpieces to come. The mistakes don’t hang on the walls or stand on the shelves to reproach you forever.”—from Jane Grigson’s introduction.
Originally published in 1971, Good Things is now available in a Bison Books edition for all those who appreciate good food and Jane Grigson’s witty and stylish way of writing about it. Including recipes for fish, meat, game, fresh fruits, vegetables, and a few splendid desserts, Good Things is a celebration of delicious everyday fare and its loving preparation.

Author Bio

Jane Grigson (1928–90) grew up in the northeast of England, where there is a strong tradition of good eating. After earning a degree in English from Cambridge University, she worked in art galleries and publishers’ offices and then as a translator. In 1968 Grigson began writing cookery articles for the Observer Colour Magazine. Good Things is a collection of those highly successful pieces. She is the author of numerous cookery books, including English Food, Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery, and Mushroom Feast. Grigson posthumously received the 2009 James Beard Foundation Cookbook Hall of Fame Book Award for her entire body of work.

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