Edgar Rice Burroughs
Illustrated by J. Allen St. John
With an introduction by Jack McDevitt
Afterword by Phillip R. Burger

Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series

167 pages
4 illustrations, 1 map


November 2002


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About the Book

In this sequel to At the Earth's Core, return to the world of Pellucidar—an exotic, savage land at the center of the Earth, an untamed wilderness where the sun never sets. When American explorer David Innes first discovered Pellucidar, he fell under the spell of the strange world, earning the respect of many, the undying hatred of a few, and the love of the beautiful Dian. Torn from her arms by trickery, Innes vows revenge and returns to the Inner World to seek his lost love.
Innes breaks through the earth's outer crust, far from his beloved, and is forced to cross a fierce, unyielding world to reach her. Innes's epic journey through the many strange lands of Pellucidar, including the Land of Awful Shadow, which lies beneath the brilliantly conceived pendant moon, and his heart-pounding encounters with prehistoric beasts and strange peoples makes Pellucidar one of Edgar Rice Burroughs's most rousing adventures.

Author Bio

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1876–1950) is one of the most influential American authors of science fiction and adventure. His novels include Tarzan of the Apes and, available in Bison Frontiers of Imagination editions, The Land That Time Forgot, At the Earth's Core, Beyond Thirty, The Moon Maid, and Pirates of Venus. Jack McDevitt is a recipient of the Philip K. Dick Special Award and a recurrent Nebula award nominee. He is the author of such novels as Infinity Beach, Deepsix, and Chindi. Phillip R. Burger is a freelance writer, a consultant to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., and the former associate editor of The Burroughs Bulletin.

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